Quality Control Station

Quality control unit of Kalup Co. has tried to implement the quality control program with regard to all requirements determined in production standards and customer’s demands and to reach the highest quality and to maintain the customer satisfaction at the highest level. Some of the efforts made by this company include:

1- Inspection of raw materials in stock:

Including dimensional control, visual inspection, chemical analysis and determining the chemical characteristics of raw steel coils.

2- Control during the production:

Including :
• Online visual inspection of seam welding and the body of pipe
• Non-destructive inspection of seam welding by the use of Eddy Current device
• Non-destructive inspection of seam welding by the use of On-Line ultrasonic device
• Conducting flattening testing during the production

3- Control after the production

Based on the aim determined for the quality control section which includes providing the highest quality, any pipe that has not managed to successfully pass previous quality control stages, due to any reason, must be separated from other pipes.
Pipes that have managed to successfully pass all quality control stages go under the following tests:
• Preliminary inspection station including dimensional inspection and visual inspection of seam welding
• Station related to sampling from the pipes according to the Lot defined in the standard
• Hydro-test station
• Station related to offline ultrasonic testing of seam welding
• Non-destructive inspection of the entire body of pipe by the ultrasonic device
• Station related to non-destructive inspection of chamfering of both ends of pipe
• Station related to final inspection including visual inspection of the body and both ends of pipe and dimensional control of the pipe
• Automatic pipe weighing station
During these stages, all requirements of API 5L PSL 2, IGS, IPS standards are controlled and in case of slightest contradiction with the specifications of standards they are immediately removed from the production line and headed toward further inspection.

4- Customer inspection

In customer inspection section an appropriate space is provided for customer inspection after all machines and before the loading zone. This space let the customer to control each pipe based on the contract specifications.