An industrial laboratory is equipped with the latest technology and equipment purchased from the leading manufacturers such as Zwick and Clemex in order to conduct several tests on the samples extracted from the profiles based on DIN and ASTM standards. This lab has managed to obtain ISO ۱۷۰۲۵ standard and it also possesses laboratory accreditation cooperation certificate which is confirmed by many governmental organizations. The followings are a few samples of tests conducted in this laboratory:

۱- Sample-making workshop including equipment:

  • Power Hack Saw Machine
  • • Angle Grinder
  • • Notch device-black
  • • Magnetic rock

۲- Preparation unit for metallographic sample including the following facilities:

  • • Metallography cutter device
  • • Digital hot mounting citopress
  • • Variable speed digital twin polisher
  • • Quantometer polishing machine
  • • Metallographic sample storage
  • • Equipment related to samples H operation for conducting metallography

۳- Metallography & Hardness Testing Lab:

Metallography and hardness testing section includes the following equipment and facilities:
• RMA۵ light microscope made in Germany with X۵۰-X۵۰۰ magnification for micrograph
Stereomicroscope with X۲۰ magnification for surveying macrograph made in Germany Stereo Zoom-Microscope GSZ۲ model
Image Analyzer made by Clemex Co. Canada
Vickers hardness tester made by Zwick Co. Germany, ۳۲۱۲۰۰۱ model equipped with computer and Test Xpert software
Hardness tester based on Rockwell B & C made by Zwick Co. Germany

۴- Chemical Analysis Lab

Foundry spectrophotometer device calibrated for iron-based alloys including low-alloy steels, cast iron, high-alloy steels, tools steels, high-magnesium steels, copper-based alloys, and aluminum-based alloys equipped with WASLAB software.

۵- Mechanical Testing Lab including the following equipment:

Tensile, flexural, pressure device, Zwick brand, Z۶۰۰E model with maximum tensile strength of ۶۰۰KN and maximum flexural strength of ۲۰۰KN equipped with Zwick software
Charpy impact testing device, Zwick brand, RKP۴۵۰ model, with ability to determine impact energy up to ۴۵۰ J, equipped with Text Xpert software
• Arminco lab freezer up to final temperature of -۴۵°C and temperature range of ±۰,۵°C

• Arminco lab freezer up to final temperature of -۴۵°C and temperature range of ±۰,۵°C

۶- SSCC, HIC corrosion testing Lab

This lab is equipped with devices and equipment for testing corrosion based on pipe manufacturing standards for being used in corrosive environments. The equipment in this lab include equipment required for point bending and proof ring methods related to Caltech engineering services Co.

۷- Calibration

In order to maintain the appropriate quality and control in the production and inspection processes of the primary materials and product it is necessary to use calibrated equipment. To this aim and also to increase the quality of products in Kalup Co. and also ensuring the quality of products, a calibration unit has been established in this complex. Also other equipment needing calibration by calibration labs outside the organization are sent to those organizations.